Samsung Compatible Printer Toner Cartridge M407SUNI-PT

TONER CARTRIDGE-MAGENTA (PTONE superior TONER cartridge. Replaces Samsung CLT-M407S/409S)

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Product Description

CLX-3186, CLP-310, CLP-310N, CLP-315, CLP-315N, CLP-315W, CLP-320, CLP-320N, CLP-321N, CLP-325, CLP-325W, CLP-326, CLX-3170, CLX-3170FN, CLX-3175, CLX-3175FN, CLX-3175FW, CLX-3175N, CLX-3180, CLX-3185, CLX-3185FN, CLX-3185FW, CLX-3185N

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